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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Strange Sexual Practices

Strange Sexual Myths and Taboos

Strange Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs

Strange Sexual Functions

Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

Strange Sexual Terms

Strange New Trends


They Indulge in Surreptitious Rape
           In Polynesia and American Indians, there are some tribes who have a strange sexual practice in which a young man crawls into bed with a young woman and copulates with her. In some societies it is limited to fondling the girl's genitals. In some societies even women are the night crawlers.

They Exchange sexual partners
           In many countries swinging couples who are constantly looking for new forms of sexual excitement, exchange their sexual partners within or outside marriage.

           It may be either an erotic game played at a party, with partners chosen at random, or it may be practiced by a couple or a small group of couples. Some clubs also arrange such parties for the members.

They expose their Bodies for Health reason
           In European countries men, women and children gather in the nude usually for a short period of time, on the theory that exposure of their bodies to air and sunlight promotes health and well being.

           This type of nudity is not sexually motivated. Sexual activities are pursued in private.

They don't mind Nudity
           In many cultures nudity is regarded as an offence. But in a number of European and American countries, the position is different. They even arrange nudist camps where nudist can live and move about naked.

           Participants in nude clubs feel that they can overcome their inhibitions and quickly get beyond superficialities if all physical defenses are done away with.

           In the western world partial or complete nudity is well accepted in the field of art, but may also be used as a sexual stimulant or excitement in the 'strip tease' and topless bars. In a few backward tribes of Sudan and Brazil complete nudity has been found. All the people live naked.

They enjoy sex in one night stand
           One night stand is an occasion when two people have sex, but do not intend to meet each other again. It is a transient sexual encounter usually lasting no more than one night between heterosexuals, male homosexuals, or lesbians and sometimes involving male or female prostitutes sex behaviours.

They indulge in Strange ritual sex
           In Africa, one tribe forces its boys to masturbate and to initiate sexual intercourse with one another during initiating training.

           In Ghana a backward tribe requires a widow to cleanse herself of the spirit of her dead husband by having intercourse with any stranger.

           The Lepcha society of Southern Asia requires a man to have intercourse with his wife on third, seventh or twenty first days after the birth of a baby to rid her of the pains of child birth.

Sex Hospitality is common in them
           In Polynesia there are backward tribes in which monogamy is the rule except for the chief who usually has several wives.

           Sex hospitality is common. Adult homosexuality is regarded as an innocent form of play. They decorate their bodies with tattoos. With the spread of education these practices are on the decline.

They offer wife as a Gesture of friendship and Hospitality
           A strange custom prevails in Africa, Siberia, Polynesia, Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. As a gesture of friendship and hospitality, wife or daughter is placed at the disposal of a male guest. Wife lending also prevails at such places.

Exchange of Wives is considered as a Purification rite
           A number of religious   and societies prescribe various Rites and Ceremonies as a means of controlling sexual activities.

           Ritual baths are required by the Hindus and Hebrews after menstruation .

           Exchange of wives is also considered as a purification rite among the backward societies of Australia. In several African societies, a young boy has to have sex with a married woman as a part of his initiation ceremony.

Some persons becomes very famous for their Sexual Qualities
           In history some person are well known for displaying a high level of sexual activity. Among the most celebrated are the Roman Empress Valeria Messalina and Emperor Nero in the 1st Century, and Catherine II of Russia and the Venetian Casanova in the 18th century. Goethe, one of the greatest German writers, also had numerous sexual conquests.

           George Simerson asserts that he made love to at least 10,000 women, about three women per week on an average in six decades of sexual pursuit. He wrote 500 novels. Frequent sexual activity is also found among ordinary people. Many males average seven orgasms per week.

Some people show Outstanding Sexual Skill
           Some people have unusual skill and endurance in the physical art of love making, with particular emphasis on frequency of intercourse. Display of sexual prowess is the major motive among Satyriasis's and Nymphomaniac women who always want to have sex with a lot of different men. The man with strong sexual desire is called a Satyriasist.

           In Tanzania a backward society is well known for their men to have intercourse as often as 10 times a night.

They call it a sexual Paradise
           In the South Pacific, one island is nicknamed as 'A sexual paradise' because Tahitian girls would swim out of passing boats in nude, offering themselves to the sailors.

           That reputation was perpetuated for a time by a religious group whose members worshipped the Goddess of fertility as dancers, singers and sexual exhibitionist. With the advancement of sex education facilities promiscuity is gradually decreasing.

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