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Strange Marriage Systems Prevailing in the World

Strange Sexual Behaviours

Strange Sexual Practices

Strange Sexual Myths and Taboos

Strange Aphrodisiacs and Anaphrodisiacs

Strange Sexual Functions

Strange Wonders of Reproductive System

Strange Sexual Terms

Strange New Trends


Male Homosexuals have divided themselves into Masters and Slaves
           In Europe and America there are groups of male homosexuals who engage in Sadomasochistic practices for sexual behaviours. They ride motorcycles and wear  predominantly  leather clothes. For sexual purpose, they divide themselves  into masters and slaves. The masters  wear black leather jackets, leather trousers, boots, topped off with a leather Capsicum decorated with the club's insignia stating his rank.

They sacrifice Uteri and Penises to the family God
           People belonging to the areas of Northern Europe that consists of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and usually Finland and Iceland are called Scandinavian.

           In northern Scandinavia, Lapps tribe is strictly monogamous. They are generally hunters, fishers and reindeer  herders. At one  time they used a knowledge of sex organs such as penises of stallions in ritual magic. Although this practice has disappeared, yet they still sacrifice the uteri  and penises of reindeer to the family God.

Young men are required to engage in anal intercourse as part of the Puberty rites
           In this Southern islands of Papua New Guinea, girls and women and pigs live apart from men and boys  in special  mud houses. There is no deliberates  mixing of boys and girls.

           In the Keraki society of New Guinea, young men are required to engage in annals intercourse as part of the puberty rites. They believe that they will  not grow normally unless they have received the myths as semen of older men.  They believe boys can become  pregnant. They perform a lime eating ceremony to prevent this kind of pregnancy. After the puberty rites, they graduate to playing active homosexual and  heterosexual roles.

They take  male organs as war Trophies
           In Ethiopia there is one society in which  there was a custom of taking make  genitals  rather than  scalps as war trophies. During  puberty  rites the nipples of adolescent boys were cut off. They performed  semi-castration.

Husband has Intercourse with his wife while the Womb is still Bleeding
           Among aborigines of Australia, a strange practice prevails.The husband is required to have intercourse with his wife while the womb is still bleeding. They believe it will hasten the healing process.

They observe a rigid from of Catholicism
           One Irish community known as Inis Beag is believed to be one of the most sexually restrictive societies in the world. They raise their children in total  ignorance of sex. Children are sexually segregated at an severely punished. Nudity even during  marital intercourse is taboo
. Courting, premarital intercourse, and expression of affection are unknown. Sexual advances are entirely the man's prerogative. The purpose of marriage is solely economic and reproductive.

They regard Fellatio as sufficient ground for Divorce
           Many types of strange customs and beliefs prevail in African societies. Fang is an African society exhibiting a number of characteristic believes. They avoid daytimes intercourse as they believe it a bad omen. They regard homosexuality as completely worthless which cannot be respected. Fellatio is trends regarded as sufficient ground for divorce  if performed either by the husband or wife. They believe  that a boy will become  impotent  if milk from his mother's breast drips on his penis.

They tie the Foreskin of the Penis with a Cord
           Among a number of tribes of Marquesan, Amazon and ancient Greece, the custom of circumcision doesn't prevail. But they tie the foreskin of the penis with cord. The object seems to be to protect the penis. The knot is loosened for urination and intercourse.

They wear magical incantation
           In a number of backward societies, men and women wear magical incantations that are believed to have the power to prevent conception as well as to increase the chances of conception. Examples of such  incantations are the snake girdle, trying an ivory tube containing either  the liver of a cat or a part of Lioness's  womb. Some people  in India use mantras and yantras for such purpose.

Father  fakes Pangs of Child birth
           In a few backward  societies a strange custom is a  found. The father takes to bed before and during delivery of the child, and may even exhibit pregnancy symptoms and pangs of child birth. They  believe that it  helps  drawing evil influence away from the wife as well as baby.

The Girl's Hymen is ruptured in a ceremony
           In certain societies of India and Africa a religious rite is practiced to deflore a girl's hymen.

           A girl's  hymen is also called maiden head. It is ruptured by squatting on a lingam  or artificial  penis, which symbolically represents the God Shiva. The ceremony may take place in front of a whole group, and is followed by a celebration. In African societies  it may be performed by an elderly woman.

Most of the Men are Homosexuals
           Andaman is an island in the Bay of Bengal. Most of its inhabitants  are monogamous women . In the early time before independence  most of the men were reported to be homosexual. They obtain sexual arousal by nose rubbing and sniffing rather than kissing. Rear entry has been said to be the position used with women. With the advancement of educational  facilities and communication they are gradually changing their way of life.

They Practiced ritual Nakedness
           During the  early modern  era, in Holland and Germany there lived a Christian  sect known as Adamite. They lived without enjoying any physical pleasure. They were doing so far religious reasons. They also practiced rituals nakedness in secret gatherings and engaged in sexual intercourse without being married. They firmly believed they had been reborn into a state of innocence. According to Holy Bible, adam the first man lives naked. These people also called themselves Adamite.

They start their married life late
           Caucasian people being to the race that has white or pale skin. Among them Abkhazians are famous for their remarkable  longevity. The main secret of their longevity is, they have sexual vigour even in old age. They start  regular sexual  relationship late in life. During  their youth, many people  maintain celibacy. They enjoy sex even at the age of 100 years for the reason is marriage systems.

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